Friday, September 10, 2010

Another week

Well, another week has come and gone.  Time sure is flying by!  The weather has been cooling off.  I think it is supposed to be in the low 90's tomorrow.  Our church is having a carnival from 12-3 in the afternoon and Sugarbear and I volunteered to serve soft serve ice cream AND slushies....what were we thinking!  I have a feeling I'm going to be looking for helpers!  We are also moving into a hotel tonight for 1 week.  Back in July the water dispenser line on our refrigerator sprung a leak.  We didn't find out about it for several days and possibly weeks since the water leaked under the Pergo flooring and saturated underneath it.  We didn't notice it until the Pergo started warping.  Looked like a little thing.  Well, let me tell you it's not!  The old linoleum was still under the Pergo and partical board was under all of that.  The partical board is warping and in order to remove it the linoleum (and glue) will have to be disturbed and guess what's in the glue...asbestos!  Soooo, we move out for 1 week while the abatement team comes in and removes the linoleum and underlayment in both our kitchen and family room, then the installers come in and install carpet in the family room and a new vinyl linoleum in the kitchen.  I can hardly wait!  I have some before pics and will post them when I have the after pics to show too...

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

We Went Camping!

You heard me right...we went camping this past weekend for the 1st time!  Sugarbear and I bought a "new to us" truck and 5th wheel recently (like just last week).  You should have seen me and DS#1 trying to get everything bought and packed in just a few days.   SB and I had gone shopping over the weekend to get kitchen stuff and I'd already started pulling some things from home that I already had but it was still a lot to get ready in a short amount of time but we did it!  We pulled out of town around 1:00 on Friday and headed up to Oakhurst for a long weekend.  Some good friends from church went too along with DS#1 & family, DS#2 & family, DD & family and DF's DS#2 & family.  Altogether we had 20 people spread out over 3 campsites.  It was really hot there during the daytime but cooled down nicely at night.  We learned several there is a vent ON the air conditioner as well as some in the ceiling, and the bed is waaaayyy tooooo hard but all in all had just a wonderful time!  We are hoping to create lots of fun memories for the kids and grandkids!  We're already thinking about our next trip in a couple of weeks (to the coast this time).

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Do

I got my hair cut and colored last night and I likey!  It doesn't look as short in person as it does in this picture...what I want to know is when did I get so old???

DS#1 and DGF got an ultrasound done yesterday and it's a BOY!  Yea!  We now have 5 granddaughters, 1 grandson, 1 grandson on the way, and 1 identity still unknown on the way!  Man is Christmas ever gonna be expensive!

Friday, August 20, 2010

I'm still alive!

I can't believe it's been 4 months since I last posted!  Where has the time gone?  Lots has happened in the past 4 months that's for sure! 

Let's see for starters DS#1 is engaged and they are expecting a baby in January.  His fiancee has a little girl that just turned 5 so she is #6 on our grandchildren list.  She started Kindergarden on Monday and loves far. They will hopefully find out what our #7 will be next Tuesday.

Here's another headliner for you...DS#2 and DGF broke up.  He has a new DGF and they are moving in together...that's right after 5 years DS is moving out of our house!  I know it's time but I sure do miss those little girls at bedtime...of course they spend about 1/2 of their time at our house still and we have both of their bedrooms set up for them so while it will take a bit of getting used to it'll all work out.  Bri started Kindergarden on Monday too and is loving it too.  She comes home each day and shows me what new signs her teacher has taught them.  She's going to be either an interpreter or DE teacher when she grows up I just know it!  Mia continues to grow like a little weed.  Can you believe she's almost 3?  She's doing pretty good on the potty training, as long as DS doesn't put her in pull-ups...they are just too much like a diaper and she pees & poops in them instead.  She's is talking up a storm and saying things that surprise us on a daily basis.  Oh and DS#2 told me 2 nights ago that he and DGF are execting a baby...yep it's true...that will make #8...and all ages 5 and under!

Baby Matthew turned 1 last weekend.  They didn't have a big party for him so we will give him his present the next time we see them.

I took the month of July off from work and it was GLORIOUS!  The 1st week I was off I was running around trying to get everything done from sunup to sundown until DS#2 reminded me that I was under orders from Sugarbear to enjoy myself and that I should slow down and "pace" myself.  The 2nd week I still got things done but at a slower pace.  The 3rd week Sugarbear was on vacation too.  On that Monday we discovered the water line to the refrigerator had been leaking and called the insurance company.  My kitchen has now been torn apart for 1 month and we're still trying to come to an agreement on what repairs and costs will be.  The beginning of the 4th week I finally settled into a nice flow but then on Thursday it hit me that I was going back to work and I'd better get busy getting all those things I still wanted to do done!  The frenzy was back on!!!  I've been back to work 3 weeks now and sure miss staying at home.  While I was there I managed to get 2 quilts all quilted and the binding on.  I also took the little girls to visit their cousins up in Turlock (they moved from Modesto a few months ago).  We had a most wonderful day!  We decorated picture frames and sunvisors, had a dress-up tea party and then they went swimming in the little pool.  I took home 2 very tired little girls that's for sure.

Sugarbear is busy opening a new store but should be home tomorrow for a day or so.  He's such a sweetie...he's promised me a new Long Arm quilting machine!  I'm busy researching all the ones that are near us.  I want my service rep to be as local as possible.  We're moving SB's office out of my sewing room and into DS#2's old bedroom, getting new carpet for the sewing room and painting.  Once all that is done I'm hoping to have room to set up the LA in there instead of the garage.    We bought a Barrister bookcase for me to store all my fabrics in and I can hardly wait to get it in the room.

I guess I better get going but I promise to try to get back sooner...and post some pics next time!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Lots of catching up to do!

Easter break was wonderful and a Godsend!  I got to spend 1 1/2 glorious days with my Modesto kiddos.  I really needed that time to bond more with them.  Sugar Bear had to leave out 1st thing Monday morning but had some free nights at the hotel so not only did I get bonding time I got ME time as well!  WONDERFUL!  Came back home Tuesday evening and spent Wednesday shopping for the church Easter Sonrise Breakfast and then taking that and all the quilting stuff down to the church.  Thursday was house cleaning day.  I got up bright and early and started on the living room and kitchen.  DS#2's DGF got up and helped me tremendously!  After our cleaning spree we went out for a nice lunch at my favorite Chinese restaurant then came back home and I got a little quilting time in before starting dinner.  I had no plans for Friday except to take the tax paperwork back to the accountants.  Afterwards I decided to ride to Tulare with Sugar Bear.  He had to work and I got to play!  I went over to my DQF's house and we took off shopping.  We managed to find some nursing fabric so I can make my DSIL a new purse (she's in a nursing program).  I was really excited to find the fabric let me tell you!  We stopped off on the way home for a nice steak dinner then spent the evening with the little girls.  Saturday was WI at Weight Watchers.  I weighed exactly the same as last week.  SB wanted to know how I stood on the scale and held my breath to manage that feat...haha.  We had the little girls for the afternoon and most of the evening.  Spent some time at the church for the annual Easter Egg Hunt...boy did they have lots of eggs!  Got up bright and early on Sunday and spent the morning in service to our Lord and church family.  We cooked, served and cleaned up the Sonrise Breakfast for around 75 people.  Then we served donuts after that!  Came home and spent the rest of the afternoon resting.  I watched a new movie with Bri before she and sissy left with their daddy to another Easter get together.  Monday I spent the day at home cleaning and getting ready for the week.  I had been given a pattern for dresses for the little girls. Now remember I'm a quilter...not a these dresses are SIMPLE! On the same principle as the cute little pillowcase dresses that are out there in blogland except out of fabric. I have 1 completed and 1 ready to hem. I see me making lots more of these in my near future! I've also been crocheting beads into the edging of socks for the little girls. Those work up really fast! Bri loved her dress and socks. Mia will get hers tonight when I finish the hem.   What a great time off I had...wish it could have been longer!

We had our first official Prayers & Squares meeting this past Tuesday evening.  It went very well!  There were several ladies there and we got lots of things accomplished!  We had been given 5 quilts that were already completed and tied.  We needed the ties to be untied and with 5 people working on it we were able to complete the task in record time!  After that we got busy and put the ties in 3 more quilts and then sandwiched and pinned 1 more!  We were able to come up with 3 things we want to work on during our next time together as well.  During all of that we fellowshiped and got to know each other better.  What a wonderful time I had! 

Well, it's time to get busy...I'll write more soon!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring Break

It's almost spring break time!  I'm so excited I can hardly stand myself.  For the 1st time in a very long time I'll be getting the week of spring break off!  A week plus 1 day to be home and do whatever my heart desires.  Ok, so I have more to do than just what my heart desires but that's ok too.  I think I'm going to go visit the out of town kiddos for a day or two.  I need to shop for the Easter breakfast at church then go put all the goodies away.  I will also spend time taking my sewing items to the church for storage for our Prayers & Squares group meetings.  On the Monday following Easter I plan on going to Tulare to visit with my quilting friend.  That still leave 2-3 days to do stuff around the house and sew!  I think I may take Bri and Mia to the zoo or playland one afternoon as well.  I think I just filled my week up without even trying!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I've been busy!

I've been playing around in blogland and found out how to change my background!  How do you like it? 

I've also been busy at home making little stuffed doggies for 4 little girl's Easter baskets.  I'll post a picture when they are all done.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Getting closer to Prayers & Squares

I'm finally getting closer to officially starting the Prayers & Squares ministry at church.  It's taken me longer than I had originally planned but it is coming together.  I'd like to have 20 or so quilts ready when we announce it at church so that we won't be scrambling to complete any as they are requested.  Here's what I have going so far:

15 or so tops in various stages of completeness (is that a word?)
1 friend helping me by sandwiching and do light quilting on several tops (thanks Cherii)
1 evening each month on the calendar at church dedicated to P&S
2 people interested in coming each month to help
a shelf at church to store quilting supplies and quilts waiting to be given out
2 sewing machines for people to use
various supplies to keep at the church instead of hauling them back and forth
10 yds of batting
1 bolt of muslin for backings

Here's what we still need:
2 sets of risers for raising the tables for pinning

All in all I think we're off to a good start!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Things I have learned...

Things I have learned...

The more people that go to the grocery store with you the more “stuff” you buy.

Chocolate really does make a person feel better.

If you have cable TV your child can watch either Dora or Spongebob 24 hours straight…if you let them.

If you burn just 1 kernel of popcorn it’ll make the whole house stink.

Men wish women would never change.

Twenty-four hours in a day doesn’t always seem like enough but it’s all we get so we should make the most of each day.

Words once spoken can’t be taken back.

Nobody on earth loves you like your Grandma.

Grandkids are God’s way of making up for all you went through with your kids.

Hearts don’t divide with more kids to love…they just grow bigger.

Women wish they could change men.

Dogs will drink out of the toilet bowl every time they get a chance…even if their water bowl is clean and full.

Marriage is better if God is in it.

Jesus didn’t come for the righteous…He came for the sinners.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Hi There! It's been another wacky month at our house! The girls are now staying with their mom 3 nights a week and that has certainly been an adjustment for me! It's soooo quiet when they are not at home! I'm sure I'll get used to it eventually but for now I'm a bit discombobulated! What you've never heard that word before?

Let's see what else has been going on....hmmmm...oh yea I've started using 2 of the evenings they are gone to work on the Prayers & Squares ministry. It's going well. My goal is to have 20 quilts ready for prayers to be added before announcing that it's up and going. I also want to have several hundred 2 1/2" squares for single prayers ready to hand out at the same time. I now have a little over 1/2 the tops done. Tonight I'll work on the 2 1/2" squares while watching Antique Roadshow. Anyone else like that show?

I have a new quilting friend! She moved back to CA last fall from OK. She lives about 40 minutes from me. I go to church with her father-in-law. We are new BFFs! I invited myself to her house last Monday and we hit it off big time. Then yesterday we went to a quiltshow about 1 1/2 hrs from my house...another great day! She compared us to 2 pieces of a puzzle...we both like different things (I like scrappy and 30's and she likes bold and bright) but just like a puzzle we still "fit"! She's also helping me with doing up some of the Prayers & Squares stuff.

DS#1 has moved back home for the time being. Our house runneth over w/love and people! If he stays for very long we are going to finish off the garage earlier than we had planned so he can stay out there...with my quilting machine of course! When we bought this 4 bedroom, 2 bath, living room, family room house I thought it was plenty big...I think I may need to rethink that thought!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hi everybody! I know, I know 2 months since I last posted. The holidays were wonderful but a bit weird. Thanksgiving was very different. My mother-in-law got sick at the last minute and dinner was moved to our house. Then my brother-in-law called and said he was sick and his wife was working. The other brother-in-law came over after we'd eaten dinner so it was just me and my family. Nice but weird! We got to spend a terrific Saturday before Christmas with our daughter and her family. We ladies decorated Christmas cookies with the little girls and had a blast! The out-of-town girls got to open their presents that evening before heading home. Bri and Mia got to open 1 present each too. Christmas was good. Everyone had a nice day. We even got some relaxation in. After Christmas I came down with a sinus infection. Then when that started clearing up I got some sort of virus, sore throat, fever, mouth and tongue sores, not to mention swollen and very painful gums! After a week of that I ended up at urgent care and was told I had pnemonia so I was down for another week! Needless to say I didn't get any sewing time in and when I started feeling better and wanted to sew I found out I had a problem with my machine! I sent it in for repairs and a good servicing and found out that back in November when I bought a new 1/4" foot the guy had sold me the wrong one for my machine. Oh well, it needed servicing anyway. I got it home again on Monday and finished making 12 disappearing 9-patch blocks for a baby quilt.

Before I run out of time let me tell about the newest grandbaby to join our family. My youngest DS has a new girlfriend. She was PG before they started dating and just had her baby...a little girl named Lilyn Rose. Some children come to us by blood and some come by love...I take um any way God sees fit to give um! She's absolutely beautiful! Lots of coal black hair and dark brown eyes. She's gonna be a looker when she grows up!

Ok gotta scoot. I'll try to be better about posting!