Wednesday, April 27, 2016

My New Life: Food

Yesterday I touched just a bit on my food.  I thought I'd take you a little more in depth of my food intake as of right now.  Here are a few typical meals:


1/3 cup instant oatmeal with just a little Lactaid free milk (1/3 cup is 1/3 package of instant 1 package=3 breakfasts for me).


1 hard boiled egg and 1 slice of ham


2 oz low fat yogurt with 1 oz of fruit added


2 egg muffins (9 eggs whisked with chopped ham, onions, and salsa. Pour mixture into 12 muffin tin holes that have been sprayed with non-stick spray.  Bake on 350 until done.  Take out of oven and immediately add small amount of LF cheese (I used Sergento's ultra thin sliced cheese, 1/4 of the slice on each "muffin").  They are very filling.  2of them weighed 4 oz so are over what I'm supposed to eat.  I brought 2 to work for breakfast today but can't finish 1/2 of the 2nd one because I'm full.  I'll probably eat the last couple of bites before lunch but next time I make them (this weekend) I will divide mine up to 1 1/2 per serving.  If you make these make sure you make enough for everybody because they are good!  I'm going to have to try these with bacon bits (from Costco) when I use up the ham slice!

Here's a picture:


I usually bring leftovers such as:

1.5 oz meat such as chicken
1.5 oz veggies such as cauliflower
a little teriyaki sauce drizzled on top


a slice of ham with 1/2 a lite cheese wedge rolled up and a couple of grape tomatoes


1.5 oz of meat
1.5 oz of veggies or potato

Here is a picture of a typical lunch or dinner for me:

It might look big in the picture but it's really not and I still have to remind myself that this will fill me up~

I can't eat breads, pastas or rice for 6 months and to be honest I feel so much better without them that I may not add them back in!

I'm not supposed to snack but in reality I still do.  My snacking has changed though.  Before the surgery I craved and ate  Now, I don't crave sweets hardly at all.  My snacking consists of mostly the following:

Raw yellow peppers (I used to not like them)
Grape tomatoes
1/2 c. yogurt w/a little bit of cooked apples mixed in
1/2 SF pudding cup
Frozen Go-Gurt
1/2 Banana w/a little bit of p-nut butter

Like I said I don't crave sweets much but I do crave protein and vegetables. 

I realize my food may not sound exciting but I'm learning food is a fuel and it's not supposed to always be exciting and gooy and extra "yummy".  I've stopped saying desserts look yummy.  Instead I say they look pretty.  If something is extra pretty we don't eat it right?  Therefore desserts are pretty and I can admire them for their prettiness and not feel deprived by not eating them!  I also tell myself that just because I can't have something today doesn't mean I can't ever have it, just that I can't have it today.  For example, those delicious ribs my brother-in-law cooks.  I couldn't have them a month ago and took some cooked chicken to eat instead.  Last weekend he cooked them again and this time I was able to eat a few bites of them and did fine.  I do realize there are some things I may never be able to eat again because they are triggers for me...potato chips, chocolate chip cookies, ice cream.  I love these 3 and I won't be satisified with just 1 of them so I just won't start!

My next post will be on drinks...see you around the water cooler!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Long time gone but I'm back!

I've been off blogging for so long I hesitated to start again.  Then I started worrying about whether I'd keep it up.  In the end I decided I'd just go for it today and worry about future posts in the future!  Lots has happened since I last posted...grandbabies have been born (we now have 10!  7 girls and 3 boys).  Hubs had roux-en-y surgery a year ago last October and has lost 140 lbs!  He did crazy good with it so I joined him and had the surgery 2 months ago last Friday.  I've lost 31.8 lbs so far.  I'm not going to lie and say it was a piece of cake but it was definitely doable!  I went in 1st thing on Monday, Feb 22nd and was in my room by early afternoon.  I spent the rest of the day dozing in and out.  I went home the following day in the afternoon!  My menu for the 1st week was clear broth, sugar free popsicles, sugar free jello and sugar free drinks.  The 2nd week I was moved up a notch to include a few pureed items, including tomato soup..I thought it tasted like it came from Heaven after a week of clear broth!  I'm now able to eat most anything that is good for me (meaning no breads, sweets, pasta, rice).  I didn't do well with raw baby carrots so will stay clear of them for a while longer.  I've not tried any meat that would be harder to digest such as steak yet but did eat a little bit of pork rib yesterday and did fine with it.  Guess how much I can eat at each meal right now...go ahead guess...give up yet?  My portions are 1/3 cup at each meal....not of each item but total!!!  Out of the 1/3 cup 1/2 is to be protein.  That equates to 1.5 oz (or more) of protein and 1.5 oz of veggie or fruit.  It's not a lot but believe it or not it fills me up!  If you've known me for very long you know how much of a sweet eater I am...well guess what...I don't crave sweets anymore!  I can still have sugar free jello or pudding if I really get a hankering for something sweet but usually I'm fine without it.  In the future I'm probably going to be sharing weight loss type things along with my quilting forewarned!

I've decided that I will break down some of my catching up and weight loss into different'll give me something to blog about for a while!