Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Time to play catchup!

I can't believe I haven't posted anything since last August! I almost decided to give up the blog but then started reading some of my past posts and realized how valuable a tool blogging is. So many things happen and unless we write them down they are forgotten in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. I'll try to do a quick update:

Bri turned 3 and Mia turned 1 in November. We had a wonderful princess birthday party for them complete with a bounce house and bounce slide, face painting, games, pinatas and of course a princess castle cake (made by mommy).

Brad had his back surgery and it went fine. He's back to work but his foot is still numb and may be for life. He made a very unwise decision to drive after drinking and got pulled over a few months ago. He's waiting to see if he will be able to keep his job after the DMV hearing. I'm just thankful that he wasn't hurt! He has a new girlfriend that is just lovely. They seem very happy and I hope it all works out for them. She has a horse and a dog and since Brad is an animal lover they are great for each other.

I'm very sad to say that Tim and Vanessa are split up. Paperwork has been started on the divorce proceedings. Words can not begin to describe my sadness over this. Tim has been very upset since this is not what he wants. The girls are currently with us and he is trying to get sole custody w/supervised visitation for Vanessa. I don't want to go into details but please pray for us all during this time of hurt, anger, and depression.

Sugar Bear is doing fine. We seem to have had one type of bug or another going through the house for several months and he was the last one to get the last bug. He ended up having to go to the drs. for antibiotics and is finally feeling some better. Work continues to keep him busy.

On the quilting front I've managed to finish a few projects recently. I made my mom a lovely purple quilt for Christmas and labeled it "Lilac Love" since my mom loves lilacs. She's in a nursing home w/Alzheimers and my brother said she loved the quilt when she opened it. I also finished another top similar to it, also in purple, as well as a baby quilt sized top in the same color and pattern. I made several aprons for Christmas gifts for all the little girls in our lives, as well as a few doll quilts. I cranked out several baby quilts and crocheted around several pieces of fleece for Binky Patrol in the past several months too. Oh and I made another fall quilt for Sugar Bear's work as a raffle prize. All in all I've been pretty busy. I'm almost finished w/a baby quilt for my niece's upcoming babyshower and will post a picture when it's finished. All that's left is the binding! I've been doing the hand quilting on the Valentine Quilt but don't know if I'll actually get it finished before Valentine's Day. I'm doing the big stitch quilting on it. I did that on mom's quilt too and love it!

We lost our little Riley dog in October. He had kidney failure. Vanessa took her dog when she moved so that left us dogless. At first I like it then I got to missing the little buggers and Bri kept crying for them so we now have a new puppy! She's a Sheltie and we named her Sophie. She's 10 weeks old and absolutely adorable! She loves running w/the girls but we have to watch that she doesn't jump up on Mia and make her fall down or scratch her. Lucee kitty is fine and only gets into a snit when Sophie tries to interact w/her. She's fine if she instigates the interaction but doesn't like it one little bit if Sophie does. Of course she loves Sophie's food but I sure wish she wouldn't eat it cuz it gives her a "touch of the gas". And on that note I think I'll sign off for now!