Monday, April 2, 2012

Busy long weekend

Boy howdy was I ever busy this past weekend!  Here's a rundown:

Friday-vacuum/sewing shop was having a sale on some fabric...$1.00 a yard!!! You can't even buy muslin for that so I was there abotu 15 minutes after they opened...of course there was already a line and the fabric was gobbled up BUT I managed to still get 31 yards of some really nice fabrics for backings!  It was so cute all the ladies standing in line were eyeballing the fabrics getting cut and asking if the person was taking it all or just some of it then someone would hold up the bolt and the next person in line that wanted it would get it...we had fun!  After that I spent a nice afternoon doing some sewing and puttering around the house.  Went to dinner with the hubs and enjoyed a nice steak and ribs.

Saturday-We went to see our accountant to get our taxes done for the year...broke even...yea!!!
I took a little trip to Tulare to go to lunch with a quilting friend.  We found a nice 50's diner in downtown Tulare then did a little shopping in a kitchen store and of course a fabric store (Beverly's).  I found lots of goodies in both places. Drove home in the rain but since I'd started dinner in the crockpot all I had to do was make a gravy and we were good to go. 

Sunday-I made a grocery run before church.  I dropped off the doll blankets for the toddlers and ended up working in the toddler room during church.  I have so much fun with the littles!  Me and hubs went to Chili's for a quick lunch then off to Costco for all the necessaries.  We can NEVER get out of there for less than $100!!!  Hubs took a nap and I spent the afternoon dividing things up into individual servings, making yogurt and baking banana bread.  We had some yummy homemade spaghetti for dinner.

All in all a wonderful busy but still relaxing weekend.

As for the is this homemade stuff good!  I scooped out a couple of individual servings and added Splenda and vanilla to them.  For my afternoon snack I cut up some apple and sprinkled a little cinnamon in with it and poured the yogurt over it...yummmmmy!!!!!  

Not sure what the evening will bring.  Hubs asked me to make him something so I may get started on that...of course I need to pay a couple of bills and get the checkbook caught up for the weekend spending as well.  And let's not forget an hour or so in the quilting studio!!!!