Monday, March 22, 2010

Getting closer to Prayers & Squares

I'm finally getting closer to officially starting the Prayers & Squares ministry at church.  It's taken me longer than I had originally planned but it is coming together.  I'd like to have 20 or so quilts ready when we announce it at church so that we won't be scrambling to complete any as they are requested.  Here's what I have going so far:

15 or so tops in various stages of completeness (is that a word?)
1 friend helping me by sandwiching and do light quilting on several tops (thanks Cherii)
1 evening each month on the calendar at church dedicated to P&S
2 people interested in coming each month to help
a shelf at church to store quilting supplies and quilts waiting to be given out
2 sewing machines for people to use
various supplies to keep at the church instead of hauling them back and forth
10 yds of batting
1 bolt of muslin for backings

Here's what we still need:
2 sets of risers for raising the tables for pinning

All in all I think we're off to a good start!

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Julia WW Lizzie said...

Love your quilt pic
For risers for the cutting table we use PVC cut to lenght we want - they hold up well and much cheaper then the bed risers.