Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Things I have learned...

Things I have learned...

The more people that go to the grocery store with you the more “stuff” you buy.

Chocolate really does make a person feel better.

If you have cable TV your child can watch either Dora or Spongebob 24 hours straight…if you let them.

If you burn just 1 kernel of popcorn it’ll make the whole house stink.

Men wish women would never change.

Twenty-four hours in a day doesn’t always seem like enough but it’s all we get so we should make the most of each day.

Words once spoken can’t be taken back.

Nobody on earth loves you like your Grandma.

Grandkids are God’s way of making up for all you went through with your kids.

Hearts don’t divide with more kids to love…they just grow bigger.

Women wish they could change men.

Dogs will drink out of the toilet bowl every time they get a chance…even if their water bowl is clean and full.

Marriage is better if God is in it.

Jesus didn’t come for the righteous…He came for the sinners.

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Jan said...

Oh I love that Diannia!