Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hi! Sorry it's been almost a month since I last blogged! Let's see if I can catch you up on the to-do's at our house:

Princess is settling in just fine. Bri has stopped crying everytime the kitten wants her to stop holding her. Mia on the other hand is trying to pick her up ALL THE TIME. She does pretty good but we have to watch real close because sometimes she gets her a bit too high (think around the neck). We did have to take Lil' Man (male Sheltie) to the vets a couple of weeks ago with a scratch on his eye. The vet thought the kitten probably did it. She won't fess up to it and we can't prove it sooo... Lucee is tolerating Princess a little bit...not much. Princess thinks her place to lay is on my shoulder and she doesn't mind one bit that she is scratching me getting there...I on the other hand mind quite a bit!

Speaking of pets...Sophie is in heat...yuck! She's spending her time either in the backyard or the garage and Lil' Man is either in the house or backyard. They can't understand why they can't be together and neither can Bri & Mia. They keep wanting to put the dogs together. Mia has found the dog treats in the pantry and made it her personal mission in life to make sure they get them...alot of the whole box if we don't watch her. Of course the dogs like her line of thinking just fine.

Disneyland was a HUGE success! We had so much fun! 1 day was not enough so we're planning to do it again next year only take the rest of the crew next time. We (meaning I) will do some research to see if we (meaning alot of us) will be going to Disneyland here in CA or Disneyworld in FL. I think I'll (meaning me) will start looking into this after the holidays.

I've been busy on the quilting front. I've given away 2 baby quilts and some burp cloths lately. I have several more baby quilts to make between now and January. I've also started working on the Prayers & Squares ministry at our church. I've got several flimsies done (quilt tops) and would like to have 20 done before the first of the year...not sure it'll happen but hoping by the beginning of Febuary.

We've started doing our furlough days at work and I'm loving the time off. Sure wish it could be full time!

The girl's birthdays are coming up. We'll celebrate them both on November 7th. A "My Little Pony" theme with a bounce house and cupcakes are being planned even as I type. I can't believe Bri will be 4 and Mia will be 2...where has the time gone?

Oh the church front we will be participating in the 2nd (or is it 3rd) annual Trunk or Treat on Halloween. We are also heading up the annual Thanksgiving Dinner. I think this is our 3rd or 4th year to be in charge of it. We have a new pastor and he has a "6 week prior to event" plan that I'm trying to follow. All the stuff I normally do just put down on a weekly countdown.

That's it for now. Guess I better run!