Wednesday, February 15, 2012

More Doll Clothes

I've kept myself busy lately making more doll clothes!  This could be addictive!  Here are a few photos:

This outfit is on an American Girl doll I purchased off Ebay.  She has a few issues such as loose strings in her arms, cut bangs and 2 different colored brown eyes.  Her hair needs some brushing and something for the frizzies too but for $27.00 I can't complain too much.  I mainly bought her so I don't have to keep borrowing one of the girls dolls to try clothes on.  The pants for this outfit were fun to make.  The top...not so much!  It has a collar and interfacing and between the fact that I haven't done those things in several (alot) years and they were so small it took me several tries to get it looking right.  The top is a bit snug on the American Girl.  It fits the Karito doll just right but the pants are capris on her since she's about 2" taller than the AG.  Here is the next outfit I made:

This outfit was lots of fun to make.  I've since put a cute black bow inbetween the straps at the top of the shirt.  I had so much fun making this outfit that I've cut out 3 more (in different fabrics)!  I also used the same pattern to make 2 sets of summertime jammies.  As you can see I added cute little ribbon flowers at the ends of the straps.  The other set has light blue buttons instead of flowers.

Here is the book I got these patterns out of: 

I went to a yardsale last weekend and bought some white eyelet kitchen curtains.  The valances are the perfect length to make cute skirts for the dolls.  All I had to do was cut the length off to fit and sew that side up.  Now I'm putting on snaps and they'll be finished!  Cute little skirts for 50 cents with lots of fabric left over! 

I've also made a few more things out of baby clothes.  They aren't perfect but the girls love them and that's all that counts right?

 This was made out of a size 18 month top.  It was just asking to be made into a long dress.

And this was also a long top.  I cut it in half and made a skirt and top out of it.  I used the cap sleeves to make matching anklets!  By the way, this is a Madame Alexander doll.  She's about the same size as an AG doll.

I've been busy sewing 2" scraps into a scrappy quilt but I'll save those pictures for another blog post...hope you all have a wonderful day!