Wednesday, September 8, 2010

We Went Camping!

You heard me right...we went camping this past weekend for the 1st time!  Sugarbear and I bought a "new to us" truck and 5th wheel recently (like just last week).  You should have seen me and DS#1 trying to get everything bought and packed in just a few days.   SB and I had gone shopping over the weekend to get kitchen stuff and I'd already started pulling some things from home that I already had but it was still a lot to get ready in a short amount of time but we did it!  We pulled out of town around 1:00 on Friday and headed up to Oakhurst for a long weekend.  Some good friends from church went too along with DS#1 & family, DS#2 & family, DD & family and DF's DS#2 & family.  Altogether we had 20 people spread out over 3 campsites.  It was really hot there during the daytime but cooled down nicely at night.  We learned several there is a vent ON the air conditioner as well as some in the ceiling, and the bed is waaaayyy tooooo hard but all in all had just a wonderful time!  We are hoping to create lots of fun memories for the kids and grandkids!  We're already thinking about our next trip in a couple of weeks (to the coast this time).

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Jayme, The Coop Keeper said...

Hey there! Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Camping is a lot of work isn't it!? The first few times we went, I swear I worked like a dog for days to get ready. It gets easier. : )