Friday, November 13, 2009

It's Friday!

Yea for Friday! This week has been a bit strange with having Veteran's Day on Wednesday. We get it off from work so I went to Modesto to see the kiddos there. Got to spend some time lovin on that new grandson of ours. He sure is a cutie and for now his hair is a beautiful strawberry blonde. His mommy said the new hair coming in is white blonde so I doubt the reds will be there forever. The twins were spending the night at their aunt's so I didn't get to spend much time with them but that's ok...I got to bond with "the boy" and spend time with my stepdaughter.

Yesterday was Colton's birthday. He would have been 20. Happy birthday son! We sure do miss you!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Happy Monday

Hi! Just a quick drop in to say hello. We had the girl's birthday party over the weekend and while we didn't have as many come as we had expected, it did turn out very nice. Here's a picture of the cupcake tower we made. Bri sure had fun helping decorate them! You should have seen her face when she realized the Barbie dollhouse box really had a dollhouse in it instead of Papa's office work like we'd been telling her (it's hard to hide the box when the covering keeps slipping off the thing). We got Mia a little dollhouse and she plays with it too (mostly carries around the pieces). Bri has spent hours already with her Barbies and their house. Now she wants a Barbie camper to go along with it all. I told her to ask for it for Christmas and see what happens. I just can't believe these girls are 4 and 2 now! Where has the time gone? Here's a picture of the girls having fun in the bounce house too:

They were definitely tired that night!
I guess I better run. Time to head out to the grocery store for some much needed restocking!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Well hi! How are you doing? Come on in and sit a spell! The weather here is a beautiful 80ish degrees and the sun is shining. Fall is definitely in the air as our nights cool down and the days are a very comfortable "warm".

We've been hit with a flu bug at our house but I think we're all on the mend now. DS#2 and I both were sick last week. I ended up taking the full week off work as it turned into a nasty case of bronchitis. I'm happy to say that for the most parts the drugs the dr. gave me are working. I'm still having problems sleeping because of the cough and will go visit my primary dr. on Thursday and hopefully get something to help me sleep. The girls have a bit of a cough but Children's Tylenol for Colds seems to be doing the trick for them.

Speaking of trick...we sure had us some fun on Halloween night! We took the girls and worked at our chruch's Trunk or Treat. They had a blast! Their mom came and took them for the rest of the evening and overnight so we had some quiet time after the big evening.

Because I was sick I haven't gotten much sewing time in lately. I feel like I'm behind on it and have to keep reminding myself it's for fun...not a job! I do need to quilt a little baby quilt for a DF's grandbaby to be. I have a certain someone's Christmas quilt top made and just need to get it quilted as well. I have been knitting fingerless gloves for Christmas presents and have 2 pairs done so far. I keep thinking of people I'd like to make these for but am not sure I have time to get them all made. I may try doing one up with crochet and see if I like it as well since I'm much faster crocheting.

The pets are doing ok. Sophie is now out of heat and still a "virgin"...yea! The dogs are very happy they can play and sleep together again. Not so sure the neighbors are glad they are together cuz they bark more when there are 2 of them. The cats are starting to get along a littttle bit. Lucee is tolerating Princess...sometimes....when it's convenient to Lucee (isn't that just like a Siamese cat?). Lucee loves to start the interaction but doesn't appreciate it when Princess does. I did catch them playing the other day. The kitten was under the footstool and swatting at Lucee and Lucee was trying her darnedest to get at that kitten. Ok so the kitten was playing and Lucee was probably ticked off as's a start right?

I'd like to take a second and say hi to my friend JANM and her furbaby Miss Molly. Miss Molly is not feeling well (kidney failure) and JANM is doing everything humanly possible to make Miss Molly's days as comfortable as possible for her. JANM you are the bestest furbaby mommy there is and you are all in my prayers during this time. Love ya sista!

Until next Christ's love,