Friday, October 14, 2011

Yardsale finds

I went yardsaling last weekend with a new buddy of mine and we had a blast.  You can find her at her wonderful blog:  She's a very talented artist and even has her very own Etsy shop!  Anyway, we hit up some great sales and I came away with lots of good stuff that I prefer to call "treasures".  Hubby on the other hand calls most of it "junk".  He told me recently that we need some pillowcases for the extra pillows in the 5th wheel.  He said he'd looked for some at the store but they were not cheap.  I said well check out WalMart...that WAS where he'd looked.  I said I could look at yardsales and he said good idea!  Then he looked kind of funny and asked it those words really came out of his mouth!  Busted me up!!!  Enough about's some pictures of a few of my best finds:

Isn't this a gorgeous lampshade?  It's the prettiest pale pink.  It was on a metal cream colored lamp and I got them both for just $7! I felt the lamp was too short for the shade so I used the lamp with the shade in the next picture.  Until I can find the perfect lamp this beauty of a  shade is glaming up a cheapie standing lamp.

  Here's a picture of the lamp with a different shade on it.  Perfect together right?  I got this shade at an estate sale a couple of weeks ago and think I paid $5 for it.  I picked up the 2 little lamp ornaments for just 50 cents each.  This is not where they are going to stay but a good temprary spot for now.  I also found not 1 but 2 sets of pillowcases.  I paid $1 for a pair that have cute embroidery work and cutouts on them.   I paid 25 cents for a plain ivory set.  That's the set going to the 5th wheel.  I found lots of baby clothes for the 2 grandboys and a bed toy too.  I also got a few pieces of costume jewelry, 4 laundry baskets, and some yarn for next to nothing!  I love to hit those yardsales!