Monday, June 4, 2012

Lots of Stuff

Hi!  I'm still alive!  I've just been very very busy!  About a month ago I went to an Estate Sale and bought lots of stuff!  The lady that passed was a sewer and boy did I ever come away with fabric!  I also bought us 2 recliners and a small one for the grands.  I've been wanting to consolidate the grandgirl's rooms into 1 room and finally started on it.  I spent about 3 weeks sorting and moving everything I'm keeping for them into the smallest of the bedrooms.  It's turned out pretty cute!  The 3rd bedroom is quite a mess still with stuff for a yard sale, things I want to keep and a recliner going to the kids house when they have room for it.  We'll have a yard sale in a couple of weeks and then we're going to paint the room back to a nice sunny yellow.  I made drapes for it and the office over the weekend.  When I was moving things around I decided to utilize some storage on the side of the 3rd bedroom closet to hold yarn.  When I say yarn I mean see my father-in-law called me here while back and said he was at an Estate Sale and there were several tubs of yarn for sale for $20 and did I want it...heck ya!  Then about 2 weekends later I stopped at a yardsale and a lady was selling all her yarn stash because of carpal tunnel...3 more tubs for $25...double score!  Here are a couple of pics of my yarn stash:

As you can see there is so much I couldn't get it all in 1 picture!  The bottom tote is full of yarn too...blacks, browns, and varigated.  I've already started using from my stash to make a white baby afghan for our "grand on the way".   I always try to have a crochet scarf in the works.  I donate them every winter to the homeless.  I think I'll be able to make lots of scarves this summer!