Thursday, April 8, 2010

Lots of catching up to do!

Easter break was wonderful and a Godsend!  I got to spend 1 1/2 glorious days with my Modesto kiddos.  I really needed that time to bond more with them.  Sugar Bear had to leave out 1st thing Monday morning but had some free nights at the hotel so not only did I get bonding time I got ME time as well!  WONDERFUL!  Came back home Tuesday evening and spent Wednesday shopping for the church Easter Sonrise Breakfast and then taking that and all the quilting stuff down to the church.  Thursday was house cleaning day.  I got up bright and early and started on the living room and kitchen.  DS#2's DGF got up and helped me tremendously!  After our cleaning spree we went out for a nice lunch at my favorite Chinese restaurant then came back home and I got a little quilting time in before starting dinner.  I had no plans for Friday except to take the tax paperwork back to the accountants.  Afterwards I decided to ride to Tulare with Sugar Bear.  He had to work and I got to play!  I went over to my DQF's house and we took off shopping.  We managed to find some nursing fabric so I can make my DSIL a new purse (she's in a nursing program).  I was really excited to find the fabric let me tell you!  We stopped off on the way home for a nice steak dinner then spent the evening with the little girls.  Saturday was WI at Weight Watchers.  I weighed exactly the same as last week.  SB wanted to know how I stood on the scale and held my breath to manage that feat...haha.  We had the little girls for the afternoon and most of the evening.  Spent some time at the church for the annual Easter Egg Hunt...boy did they have lots of eggs!  Got up bright and early on Sunday and spent the morning in service to our Lord and church family.  We cooked, served and cleaned up the Sonrise Breakfast for around 75 people.  Then we served donuts after that!  Came home and spent the rest of the afternoon resting.  I watched a new movie with Bri before she and sissy left with their daddy to another Easter get together.  Monday I spent the day at home cleaning and getting ready for the week.  I had been given a pattern for dresses for the little girls. Now remember I'm a quilter...not a these dresses are SIMPLE! On the same principle as the cute little pillowcase dresses that are out there in blogland except out of fabric. I have 1 completed and 1 ready to hem. I see me making lots more of these in my near future! I've also been crocheting beads into the edging of socks for the little girls. Those work up really fast! Bri loved her dress and socks. Mia will get hers tonight when I finish the hem.   What a great time off I had...wish it could have been longer!

We had our first official Prayers & Squares meeting this past Tuesday evening.  It went very well!  There were several ladies there and we got lots of things accomplished!  We had been given 5 quilts that were already completed and tied.  We needed the ties to be untied and with 5 people working on it we were able to complete the task in record time!  After that we got busy and put the ties in 3 more quilts and then sandwiched and pinned 1 more!  We were able to come up with 3 things we want to work on during our next time together as well.  During all of that we fellowshiped and got to know each other better.  What a wonderful time I had! 

Well, it's time to get busy...I'll write more soon!

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