Monday, March 30, 2009

Well, March is almost gone! Sugar Bear had a good bday but wants to wait on a brew kit. Said he may want something else more but hasn't told me what that something else is yet!

DS#1 has a new girlfriend and she likes to quilt w/me! She's coming over tonight to work on DS's quilt as you go quilt. I've got almost all 30 of the squares sandwiched and started quilting them. I have 4 pieces of batting that I'm going to need to piece together and then sandwich the last 4 squares. I'd like to get all the sandwiching and quilting done tonight and maybe even get them all squared into 16" squares too! With 2 of us working we should be able to get alot accomplished. I'm off work tomorrow so whatever we don't get done I'll finish up then. After that it's on to figuring out how to put these squares together! I sure hope we like the finished project.

I've found out what all 3 babies that are going to be born this summer will be...1 girl and 2 boys. I have a girl quilt top ready to sandwich and quilt and I have the fabric for 1 pinwheel boy quilt. The other boy quilt is going to be a special cowboy and horse one for my...ready for this....1st grandson! That's right...DH's DD is having a boy! A lady at church is going to help me learn to do applique for the quilt.

The girls are doing great. Mia is still popping teeth like popcorn. She's such a happy toddler! She's definitely trying to say more words and we're finally figuring out what some of them are. Bri is one smart little cookie. She's trying her hand at coloring in the lines. She asked me to help her color the princess' hair and after I did she told me, "Thanks Nanna you saved my life!" Sure hope it'll always be that easy to solve all her problems!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It's March Already

Hi again,

Wow, March is here already! How'd that happen? Sugar Bear has a bday this month! I told him I'd get him a brew kit so he can try his hand at creating his own beer if he'd like. He really needs a hobby!

The girls continue to keep us very busy. Mia is cutting teeth like crazy and it makes her grumpy at night plus she keeps getting a rash on her bottom that looks (and I'm sure feels) terrible. Bri is getting taller but still only weighs about 2 lbs. more than her little sister. She is turning into quite a little "momma" to Mia. Last night she wiped tears from Mia's eyes for sweet. They love to hug each other and Mia always wants Bri kisses. They both love spending time in the quilting studio with me. Mia is learning to put fabric scraps on the design wall by watching her big sister...she wants to do whatever Bri does.

Speaking of the quilting studio, I've been staying busy in there! I've started a "quilt as you go" quilt for DS#1. It is in greens and I'm about 3/4 done with the top squares initial sewing. Next I have to do the sandwiching (no I haven't gotten the batting or backing cut yet) and then do the decorative stitching. I finished a baby quilt for a DN in February and have another top 2/3's done. I just need to do the borders but have put it on hold to finish DS#1's quilt first. There are a couple of babies due this summer and if they'd cooperate and be girls then I'd have the tops nearly done! If not then I'll have to get busy and do some boy ones. I did manage to finish my Valentine Quilt...just not in time for Valentine's Day...but it's done! I don't have any new hand projects to work on so I pulled out an older project-Sunbonnet Sue embroidery. It's going kind of slow cuz the girls take alot of my evening time.

I better run...bbl!