Monday, June 20, 2016

Weekend Happenings...

This weekend was a busy one!  Twice a year our city does a neighborhood trash pickup.  They take things like tree trimmings and junk that doesn't fit in a normal trash can.  Hubby spent almost all day Saturday going through tile we've had stored on the side of the house, trimming trees, taking down a partial fence and just going through "stuff".  He worked hard!  I helped him with the tile and found muscles that I'd forgotten I had...ouch!  I went to the grocery store and stocked up on chicken breasts (.99 cents a lb) and repackaged them.  I decided the freezer needed a good going through while I was at it.  Laundry was also tackled.  Sunday I worked in the toddler classroom at church then spent the afternoon with 1 daughter-in-love and 3 of the grands.  Two of them spent the night but didn't have a change of clothes so a run to Wal-Mart finished out our day.  Hubby spent the afternoon relaxing on the couch then had to drive 5 hours last evening to his workplace in order to be there at 6:00 this morning. All in all a very productive weekend...time to start a new week!

Monday, June 13, 2016

What's Been Going On Around Our Place

We have been busy working...that's what's been going on around our place!  Hubby has been finishing the built-in table in the backyard and it's fabulous!  Here's a picture:

Now he's working on finishing the wall behind the Green Egg and BBQ grill:

I've kept busy too though!  I planted several pots of succulents in the front yard, staked our pepper plants, planted a couple of flower pots in the backyard AND have been working on 2 quilt tops!  The 1st one is a Marilyn Monroe quilt for 1 of my daughter-in-loves:

We still need to pick out borders for it.

The other quilt I'm working on is a churndash.  I was in a block exchange with friends from all over the USA in 2012 and had put the blocks away with "someday doing something with them".  Well, I pulled them out this weekend and here are most of them:

I want to turn them into something like this:

I'm well on my way to it too!  I may make the flowers a bit different...we'll see.

We also been having fun in the pool and bbq'ing with family.

On the weight-loss note...I'm down 45 lbs as of today!