Friday, September 10, 2010

Another week

Well, another week has come and gone.  Time sure is flying by!  The weather has been cooling off.  I think it is supposed to be in the low 90's tomorrow.  Our church is having a carnival from 12-3 in the afternoon and Sugarbear and I volunteered to serve soft serve ice cream AND slushies....what were we thinking!  I have a feeling I'm going to be looking for helpers!  We are also moving into a hotel tonight for 1 week.  Back in July the water dispenser line on our refrigerator sprung a leak.  We didn't find out about it for several days and possibly weeks since the water leaked under the Pergo flooring and saturated underneath it.  We didn't notice it until the Pergo started warping.  Looked like a little thing.  Well, let me tell you it's not!  The old linoleum was still under the Pergo and partical board was under all of that.  The partical board is warping and in order to remove it the linoleum (and glue) will have to be disturbed and guess what's in the glue...asbestos!  Soooo, we move out for 1 week while the abatement team comes in and removes the linoleum and underlayment in both our kitchen and family room, then the installers come in and install carpet in the family room and a new vinyl linoleum in the kitchen.  I can hardly wait!  I have some before pics and will post them when I have the after pics to show too...

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

We Went Camping!

You heard me right...we went camping this past weekend for the 1st time!  Sugarbear and I bought a "new to us" truck and 5th wheel recently (like just last week).  You should have seen me and DS#1 trying to get everything bought and packed in just a few days.   SB and I had gone shopping over the weekend to get kitchen stuff and I'd already started pulling some things from home that I already had but it was still a lot to get ready in a short amount of time but we did it!  We pulled out of town around 1:00 on Friday and headed up to Oakhurst for a long weekend.  Some good friends from church went too along with DS#1 & family, DS#2 & family, DD & family and DF's DS#2 & family.  Altogether we had 20 people spread out over 3 campsites.  It was really hot there during the daytime but cooled down nicely at night.  We learned several there is a vent ON the air conditioner as well as some in the ceiling, and the bed is waaaayyy tooooo hard but all in all had just a wonderful time!  We are hoping to create lots of fun memories for the kids and grandkids!  We're already thinking about our next trip in a couple of weeks (to the coast this time).