Tuesday, October 23, 2007

No new pictures today. I was at the quilt class until 9:30 last night. We learned how to put on borders. I got the 1st one done and have 2 more borders to go before next week. I also need to make my practice piece to practice top quilting. I think Vanessa and I are going to work on the girl's quilts tonight. She has them almost done. We just need to do the borders. I also need to blind hem the bumper pad for Miss Mia's crib. She'll be in her new bassinett for a few months so I have time to get it done w/o stressing toooo much. I've started cutting out a fun quilt for Bri. Brad asked me where his quilt is so I guess I'll probably give him the fall one I'm starting. I'm glad everyone is liking my finished products!

Bri and mommy and daddy came by to see me today. Of course Bri refused to talk once she got here. She wore her new pink and black sunglasses. She loves sunglasses! She says it's bright out when she doesn't have them on.

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