Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hi again,

I wanted to add a few pictures of quilts to my blog. This is my first completed quilt. It's a flannel baby quilt that I gave to a good friend for her son that is expected early November. I finished it last Friday evening. It has airplanes on it since daddy is a pilot and they did baby's room in airplanes. It's hard to find flannel material with only airplanes on it so I had to settle for war planes! Mommy said that was fine because that's what is in baby's room too. I'm glad it worked out so well!!

This is my first finished quilted project ever! I got the pattern and some of the fabric for it about 4 years ago from a friend at work for my birthday. Thanks Patricia! She's a quilter and between her and my friend Tammy I've learned alot. I gave this pillow to a dear friend from church. I've since made a pink one that will be a Christmas present-but I can't say to who yet!
Next week I'll add a couple of pictures of quilts from the past. Until then...

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