Thursday, October 18, 2007

Another beautiful day here. I got my binding cut for the twin baby quilts before running out the door for work this morning. I'm anxious to get these quilts done! I want to be working on Brianna's quilt. Depending on when I get it done it will either be one of her birthday or Christmas presents. Speaking of her birthday-I can't believe she'll be two soon! She's such a delight. Here's a picture of her at the pumpkin patch recently. She wasn't in a good mood until we took her to the pumpkins she could pick up. Then she was all smiles. We ended up getting her 3-2 small ones and 1 that daddy could cut for her. She's played with the small ones so much that we had to throw one away already cuz she kept dropping it and it got a bad spot! She also loves to help mommy and me when we sew. We got her plastic scissors and she thinks she's cutting fabric too!
We're having Mia's babyshower on Saturday. She'll be here soon. Mommy is definitely ready for her to be born and so are we. Any day now!

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