Monday, July 28, 2008

Well, I didn't make it back to post last Friday like I'd hoped but I guess 3 days late isn't too bad. Andy is in Reno and went to urgent care for a swollen eye. He may have to come home tomorrow if it's not better and go see the eye dr. Silly man should have stayed home today and gone but he had to go be in charge of a meeting instead.

On the home front we got a new fence put up on 1 side of the backyard. It looks really good and hopefully the dogs will stay put now. Riley got out a couple of weeks ago and got bit by a big doggie and is still limping a bit on it.

Rhiannon came for a visit last week with the twins...they are just too cute for words. We had 3 - 2 yr olds and an 8 month old...lots of fun...and noise! I can't wait to do it again! We took them shopping and to McDonalds and of course I had to bring them by work to show them off a bit! We also went and got their pictures taken. Bri wouldn't hardly get in the pics and didn't ever smile. They got 1 pic of the 3 other girls laughing and having a good time and Bri sitting behind them looking's too funny-I had to buy that one! I can't wait to get the pics.

On to quilting---I finished the fall quilt top (I said that in a previous post), I also got the Valentine top finished as well as 3 Binky Patrol tops done (I think I said that previously too), I started my wall hanging for the kitchen and am now hand appliqueing the flower stems and leaves on it. It's a good beginner applique project. I've almost finished 1 panel on my Snowman quilt embroidery. Tomorrow evening I'll work on Binky Patrol stuff.

How's that for an update?


Linda said...

Oh believe me - I know it's doable. MY DH has traveled since before we got married over 33 years ago. Still we don't like it since it is not what he signed up for when he took the job though. I do hours of volunteer work online for ChemoAngels and tons of crafts, help my parents, you name it - but none of them make up for sleeping alone alas! Hence my simple joys list! LOL

Have a great day!

Irene said...

Your Valentine quilt looks great! Good luck with the hand quilting and be sure to post a picture when it's finished.