Thursday, July 17, 2008

Quilting Projects

I'm going to post a list of my quilting projects to help me stay on track to finish some of them this summer. I was going to try to finish them all by the end of July but that's not going to happen so I'll include August as well. Here I go:

Quilt top projects:
1. Fall quilt top for a raffle at Andy's work (almost complete)
2. Fall quilt top for Brad (only cut out so far)
3. Valentine quilt top for me (ready for design wall and sewing together-I'm going to hand quilt it this winter when it's colder outside)
4. Rag quilt probably for donation (I think I have enough squares done and just need to stage it then sew it together but I made it in browns and may need to add a few colored squares to liven it up-it was going to be for Brad but changed my mind and will probably donate it to Binky Patrol for a teen boy quilt)
5. Fun quilt using Weight Watcher groups 10" squares (barely started)
6. 2 Binky Patrol 36x36" quilts almost finished

Quilting projects:
1. Summer placemats (2)
2. Table cover for under TV

Embroidery projects:
1. Little girl Sunbonnet Sue for Brianna
2. Snowmen in bluework for winter quilt for us

That's all I can think of for now. My goal for this weekend is to finish the 2 Binky Patrol tops then try to finish the fall quilt for Andy's work. Next week I'd like to stage the Valentine's quilt and get it together. Wish me luck!

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