Thursday, August 28, 2008

Time Flies

Wow I can't believe it's been a whole month since I last posted! Time sure does fly by fast it seems like! The love of my life will be home tonight for a 3 day weekend...yea! He's such a sweetie! Yesterday was my birthday (I've had 49 of them now!) and he had a New York cheesecake delivered to my office and had his mom and dad bring me a beautiful cake from a local bakery last night! We have enough sweet leftovers to last the weekend!

Sugarbear wants to give me a mid-arm quilting machine for my birthday but I need to do more research on them. There is an Elna dealer in town that has a good deal and the machine can do more than just topquilt BUT it's not cheap either and I already have a wonderful Elna that can do just about everything but bake so I don't know if I really need the new one for anything but quilting. If I go w/another machine then I won't have the local service and expertise that the Elna provides...what's a girl to do???

I've been sewing a bit. I'm hand quilting my wall hanging and it's going so so. You can definitely tell I'm a beginner! I've also been working on Binky Patrol quilts and also crocheting around the edges of fleece for them. I picked up my knitting needles and started making some dishclothes. My youngest son just laughed at me and asked if I ever just sat still and if not did I ever work on just one project at a time! Poor forgetful'd think he'd know me by now...he's 22 for heaven's sake!

The girls are as beautiful as ever. Mia is crawling and pulling herself up on stuff. She has 5 teeth and the 6th is sooo ready to pop through! She is an eating different from her big sister who picks and grazes through her day. Speaking of Brianna, she's talking up a storm and has become my shadow...ok so she's been my shadow almost since she was born. She wants to do whatever me and her pappa do on the weekends and gets in a snit if we leave her at home. She's not above calling us if we leave when she's asleep and don't get back before she wakes up...the girl's only 2 but already knows who's the boss (she tells pappa it's him so he'll feel good). She was playing and counting the other night and somehow counted backwards from 5. I thought it was pretty cool and waited a bit and then asked her to count guessed it...she turned around to put her back towards me! How cute is that!

I better run...lunchtime is over!

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