Friday, July 18, 2008

1 Project Down!

Good morning! 3 days in a row...can you believe it? I was able to finish up the Binky tops last night! Yea for me! I also got to work on the fall quilt for Andy's's not done but definitely getting there! I'm looking forward to some sewing time this weekend. I think I'm going to make a few minor adjustments to the "quilting studio" (I'm calling it that now and my lovely father-in-law keeps saying, "naw it's just a sewing room"-he's a funny guy). I think I'm going to get out my laptop computer and download my EQ5 on it and put it in the studio. It's been put up because the battery is going bad but as long as it's plugged in it won't matter right? I'd also like to figure out how I can get my cutting table set up long term instead of folding it when it's not in use....hummmm. I'd also like to look for an ironing board that I can sit my Rowenta on when I'm ironing. Well, I guess I'm off to the drawing board...see you all later!

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