Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Yard Sale/Estate Sale finds

This past weekend the hubs and I went to a few yard sales/estate sales before heading over to a quilting/sewing supplies sale.  I'm happy to report we got a few great finds!  At 1 sale they had a big box of Legos (in original box).  They are Harry Potter's castle!  I got the set for $15!!!  It's supposed to have over 900 pieces....for $15!!!!  I went online and this set sells for anywhere from $175 to $1500 (new and unopened).  Here's a few pics of our find:

The grandsons played with the set after we got home and 1 of them decided to take the big chunks of pieces apart (ok so he smashed them with a Joker toy).  Anyway, I decided to try my hand at putting it all together this week.  The last pic is how far I got last night.  Did I mention there are over 900 pieces???  I figure I can probably have it done in about a week of evenings and they better not take it apart again!!!  Oh and I better be their favorite Nana too!

We also found a vintage portable sewing table for $15!  Again, I went online and found that one just like it sold a couple of years ago on eBay for $235!!!  Score for me!!!!  Here is a pic of the 1 that sold:

I'm going to clean mine up and take it to the 5th wheel in a couple of weeks. 

We also found a couple of dolls that are similar to this one:

We got them for $6 for both.
I found some Sakura Mary Englebreit plates like these (no box).  I got the set of 4 for $2!  They are selling online for around $40 with the box.  I'll take $2 and no box...thank you very much!  We also got a few other things but these were my biggest finds...I wonder what next weekend will bring!


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