Tuesday, May 24, 2016

3 month update & My Great Estate Sale Find

Sunday was my 3 month post surgery anniversary.  I'm less than 1 lb. from loosing 40 lbs!  Here's my pic:

I've had to go buy a few new shirts to wear to work.  I decided I wasn't going to spend a lot on them since I 'm still loosing so I went to WalMart and found some cute t-shirt type for summer.  The shirt in the picture is several years old but I only wore it once before outgrowing it.  I kept it to wear as an overshirt but never did.  Now I can wear it buttoned up!  I've noticed my breasts and hips are smaller.  Hubby said I'm getting curvier!  I went to the drs. for my 3 month check-up last week and the dr. was very happy with my loss so far.  So am I!

We went estate saling this weekend and I got the find of the century...ok so it was technically at a yard sale...I'm still super excited!  I got a like new Coach purse for $40...can you believe it?  I was in total shock.  I bought it with the idea I might try reselling it but after getting it home and really checking it out I introduced it to it's sister Coach's in my closet...yep I just increased my purse collection by 1!  I'm not a snob about purses and used to use 1 until it wore out but a few years ago we got some gift cards for an outlet mall and I spent mine on a Coach purse.  I carried it for 6 months and it looked just like new!  I was sold on Coach brand from then on.  I've slowly added to my collection of them by getting them as gifts from hubby for my birthday or Christmas.  I was also given a fun denim one by a co-worker too!  I currently have a navy blue one, a red one, a black/white one, a brown one and the denim one.  Here's a pic of the one I just got on Saturday:

Sorry it's not the greatest picture...the purse really is gorgeous!

I also got a really pretty necklace at another yard sale and a Thomas Kincaide lighted house that is numbered.  I had thought to use it in a fairy garden but I'll have to check to see if it's worth anything before I possibly mess it up...

Another thing I look for at yard/estate sales is paper goods.  Unopened packages of napkins and paper plates.  I found both this weekend!  We have a lot of family over for dinners and these come in handy!


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