Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Well, I survived the weekend! It was great! I was down 1.8 at weigh in at Weight Watchers...woohoo! So was Sugar Bear which is good because if he doesn't loose then he becomes Grumpy Bear! I got 2 BOM's done so at least I'm caught up through May now. I really like doing them so I'm not quite sure why I put them off all the time. I'm now trying to decide how to do a puppy panel quilt for lady at work that's having a boy and doing his room in puppies. The blocks are cute but there are 6 of them and 3 different sizes so it's kind of hard to lay them out. Maybe it's because I haven't had much experience at creative designing yet. Oh well, I have them on the design wall and will be spending time studying the situation. Speaking of design walls, I made 2 portable ones out of presentation boards and a big vinyl/felt tablecloth cut in half. I made them early Sunday morning for the little girls before they got up. Bri loves putting fabric on mine and Mia is starting to mimic her. I can't really move around when they are behind me plus Mia loves pulling the thumbtacks out of the wall and I'm afraid she'll poke herself. Bri absolutely loves her design board. Of course Mia wanted Bri's so after Mia tore all the fabric Bri had put on the board off, Bri quickly put it back on then hurriedly shut the board and put it away so Mia couldn't destroy it again. She's one smart cookie!

I'm going to have to run but will leave you with this picture: this was found by my mom's cousin in my mom's trash heap when she moved. I don't know who made it but think it may have come from my stepdad's side of the family. It's both machine and hand pieced onto strips of muslin. It is unfinished and has no binding. I'm not sure of it's age but would like to think it was made by my stepdad's mother before she passed away when he was a year old. If anyone knows anything about findingout the age of the fabric or design please let me know! The strips are not the same width. It's really odd! I have it on the back of a chair in my bedroom and once in a while Bri and I take a nap under it and we talk about how old it is and how careful we must be when we use it. A good lesson for her to start learning now don't you think?

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Jan said...

Hi Diannia :) If you have any Quilt Shows in your area coming up, you may want to check to see if they will be having an appraiser on site. If so, that person could probably give you oodles of information about the
quilt :)