Friday, May 8, 2009

Hurray for weekends! I'm so glad it's Friday! If I lived in a perfect world I'd be a stay at home Nanna that's for sure! But since it's not quite perfect yet I'll have to be content with staying home on the weekends (and the occasional holiday). This weekend will unfortunately be as busy as most other ones. DS#1 has invited us over for dinner tonight as well as let the little girls ride on the horse w/DGF so that's our evening plan. Sugar Bear and I recently rejoined Weight Watchers and we go to the 6:00 a.m. meeting on Saturdays. That's right...6:00 a.m. Afterwards we stop by WalMart for any weekly stuff we need then maybe hit up a few yard sales IF I can talk him into stopping at them that is. Of course there is the usuall laundry and cleaning of the castle to do. SB has insisted I hire a friend's teenage daughter to come every other week and help me clean so that's a BIG help. Somewhere in there I'd also like to get some quilting time in. Oh and I told my DMIL they were invited over for dinner tomorrow night.

Do you have Mother's Day plans? We will be going to church and taking the girls with us. I told the guys and SB that if they want to get me something they can have the family over for a meal and plan, buy and serve it...then clean it up afterwards. In other words...I don't want to be the one doing the work! We'll see what happens.

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