Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Good news

Hi, I'm baaack! And boy do I have exciting news... I recently finished my 1st Crazy Shortcut Quilt. It's queen-size and about killed me (just kidding it's really not hard at all). I had emailed the author of the book with a question regarding the sashing and since then we've been emailing back and forth. Well, I sent her a picture of my finished quilt and she posted it on her blog...now HOW COOL IS THAT?!?! She also mentioned that I should have a blog...hello I have one...just not real good at updating it. I'm going to get better though...I promise! Here's a picture of the quilt. I made it for Brad. He sure likes it (and so does his new girlfriend-they live together now).

I guess I should update you on the family:

Brad is now living with his girlfriend. He is currently unemployed...DUI and being an EMT don't mix...need I say more? Live and learn-man it's hard to be a mom and keep your mouth shut sometimes. I didn't do a very good job of it when he got pulled over. Sugarbear had to tell me to stop verbally beating the boy up since he was doing a pretty good job of beating himself up. Anyway, he's looking for a job...any job...got a job that needs to be filled? He recently got a beautiful white German Shephard named Kiah (I think that's how they spelled it). His girlfriend has a horse and lives in the country. They will be moving within a month or so.

Tim's divorce is still in the works. He got sole custody of the girls with supervised visitation with their mom. This is a good thing for now. Perhaps later that will change but this is for the best for now. They are still all living with us. This too is a good thing for the girls and Tim right now. They need the stability of living in the only home they have known. Bri still asks for her mom sometimes but is content with calling her on the phone most of the time. Mia is too young to realize what's going on and doesn't seem to miss her mom. In fact, I've been told she ignores her when they are together. Brad's girlfriend is Bri's new "best friend" especially since said girlfriend has the horse! We are still having trouble getting Bri to go to sleep at night. She sure fights it. Mia on the other hand goes in her bed and goes right to sleep. They are both adorable and have big chunks of my heart in their own way.

Sugarbear is doing fine. Ok, so not fine but ok. He goes in for a "procedure" on Thursday. He probably wouldn't want me to put it out in blogland but let's just say he has to drink a gallon of nasty stuff the night before the "procedure". Enough said.

On the quilting front...I got a midarm quilting machine! It's a Ken Quilt (KC622). It is 22 yrs old but had been stored for 3 yrs in box in a garage. The lady had bought it used and never put it up. Seems the table was 1 ft too long for the intended room it was going to go in. I got the table and machine for $700 and love it! Of course I'm still very much in the learning phase. I've done 3 baby quilts on it so far. It lives in our garage and I've named her KayCee. I'm behind on my BOM that I do with my WeightWatcher friends by 1 month so that's my "this weekend" project. I'd like to get a couple of months ahead as well, if I can that is.

I better run and see if I can remember how to add a picture so you can see Brad's new quilt. I promise I'll be back soon!

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All things beautiful said...

I love your quilt. It is gorgeous and the colors are so right for a male! I have just emailed Marguerita too. I need help with the sashing too cos I'm not sure how that joins up.