Wednesday, November 14, 2007


It's been very busy for the past few days...ok weeks. Mia is settling in. Bri is settling down. She only has trouble sleeping now since she's always slept in mommy and daddy's bed and now daddy is sleeping w/her on an air mattress until mommy gets Mia on some kind of schedule.

I've done some sewing but not as much as I'd like. I finished my flannel baby blanket for Mia last night and they already used it on her. I also made her several burp cloths out of scrap flannel. These are getting alot of use. I think I'm going to make up several of the baby blankets and matching burp cloths to have on hand for baby shower gifts. I cut the fabric and drew the words for my Santa pillows this morning. I got the binding cut and ironed for the twin's quilts last night. One quilt is tied and ready to have the binding put on. I'd like to sew it on tonight or tomorrow so I can hand sew the back of the binding on over the weekend. I'm slowly getting my projects completed! I still haven't finished the other twin quilt or Bri's. I also want to get back to working on the one I'm making for Brad. Oh and then there's the Valentine's one I want to start. So many little time! Too bad I have to sleep at night!

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