Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What I've been working on

I've been busy lately working on a quilt.  The pattern is called "So Many Squares".  I now have the blocks and triangles done!  I put them all up on the design wall just to make sure I made enough...and I did!  Please excuse the lighting, it was night and I only have 3 lamps in the room.  The yellow is much lighter in real life and the dark triangles are a navy blue...oh and the wave at the bottom is where the lamps are plugged in under the design wall and makes a bump!  I've got most of it taken back down now and the blocks trimmed...sure hope I didn't mess it up doing that!  I like how it's turning out but I don't think I'll ever be making it again...sooo much work!!!

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Cheryl said...

Very nice Diannia, you've been very busy!