Saturday, January 12, 2013

I'm back!

Hello there!  I know I've been gone for quite some time but plan to start blogging again.  We bought 2 of the grandgirls American Girl dolls for their birthdays in November.  For Christmas we gave them doll trunks loaded with clothes and accessories...some store bought and some made by me.  Brianna is the oldest and plays with hers much more than the younger one but they both really like them.  Their dolls are enjoying coming over for our almost weekly sleepovers and visiting with MY American Girl doll that Andy got me for Christmas.  He said I made so many outfits and enjoyed doing it that I needed my own doll...isn't that sweet?  Sooo, I've decided that this will be the year of AG dolls.  I plan on having craft nights with the girls each month for us to make something for our dolls.  I haven't got the months planned yet but am working on a Valentine's tea party.  I contacted a friend and her little granddaughter has an AG doll and she said she'd love to help me plan the party...yea!  If you've never gone over to see Cheryl at  You are in for a real treat!  I'm getting ready for a class on my new iMac laptop (hubby was very generous at Christmas).  I'll take some pics of things I found for the AG dolls at the Dollar store and post them later!

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