Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Happy New Year

Christmas is over and was wonderful!  I'd love to post some pics of it but my phone died and I lost all of my Christmas pics!  Tragic I tell ya!!!  My beloved iPhone died just before Christmas so I got a replacement one.  It didn't work right so I took it back and they said I had probably corrupted it w/my computer (I always did think that computer was a bit shady!)  so they rebooted the phone which wiped out all my Christmas photos...and it STILL didn't fix the phone!  Soooo, they gave me another phone and guess had a DIFFERENT problem!  I went back that same day and the guy looked at me like I was either crazy or trying to pull some sort of scam on him...yea right I'm the crazy blonde that just LOVES spending all her time circling the mall parking lot looking for a place to park then fighting the crowds to get into your store, shouldering my way back to the Genius Bar and hoping the 4th phone will work!  Anyway he checked it out and found out I was neither crazy nor a scammer and gave me my 4th phone in 2 weeks.  So far this one is working.  Horray!!!

Like I said above Christmas was wonderful!  The kids were all happy w/their gifts and hubby liked his too.  I got a 24 hour virus on Christmas Eve but was feeling better by Christmas day.  New Year's Eve was good too.  DS#2 and family came over but not DS#1 or his family, they went to visit friends in the mountains.  We still had fun and the girls both stayed up to midnight...little night owls!  They sure had fun counting down to midnight and drinking apple cider to bring in the new year...settling down to go to bed afterwards not so much.

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