Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree! and other stuff


I got an email poke from a friend telling me I haven't blogged in a while...oops!  I've been very busy!  I finished making some Christmas presents, got Roman's quilt top completed, got the tree up and decorated, and started decorating the house, not to mention all the shopping I've been doing for Christmas presents for the littles!  Here's a picture of our tree this year...very pretty even if I do say so myself!

I just love this tree.  Andy and I got it the year we got engaged.  We had so much fun picking out ornaments for it.  We decorated it in blue, silver, white and clear ornaments.  So many of the ornaments have a special memory attached to them.

Here's a picture of Roman's quilt top.  It's a quick and easy pattern but turns out cute every time I make one.

I'd like to get it quilted this weekend but also have lots of Christmas gifts to wrap...decisions decisions!

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Cheryl said...

Your Christmas tree looks fabulous. Do you have it so far out in the room? I've got mine squished in the corner teathered to the fireplace lol