Friday, November 4, 2011


A couple of weekends ago I went strolling around Joann's and found a really cute sign for the sewing room.  It said SEW/CUTE.  Well it was cute but I thought it would be cuter if it said SEW/CUT.  Low and behold there was one laying there that had the "e" broken off!  It was marked 50% off!  There was also a sign saying that all of them were 50% off so I went to the register and asked if that meant it was 50% off of 50% and the guy said yes!!!  Be still my heart!  I got the sign for $3.25!!!!  Took that little cutie home and used an emery board to sand the cut, grabbed a black Sharpie pen and colored it over and started gluegunning buttons all over the SEW part of it.  I wasn't sure what I wanted to do to the CUT part but felt that buttons on there would be too much.  By the next evening I'd gotten the idea to Modge Podge some fabric on it like a crazy quilt...oh and paint the / grey since it was supposed to be a needle.  Off to the store I went for the MP and grey paint.  Here are before and after pics. 


I'll post a pic of it finished as soon as it arrives in my email. 

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Cheryl said...

lol... are you bloggin' from work? Funny girl. I'm anxious to see the finished results :-)