Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It's soooo hot outside

Well, we went straight from winter weather (rain) to middle of August type summer...HOT!  It's supposed to be over 100 today and tomorrow!  I work inside so it's nice and cool but when I go outside it's like walking into a furnace!  We got solar rings to put on the pool to heat the water...just in time for us to not need them :).  The littles have been enjoying the pool for a week or so.  I think today may be the 1st time I take a dip in it.

VBS is officially over for another year.  It was just awesome.  The kids are so cute as they come through the line for their dinner.  I think this is my favorite activity that I do on the Fellowship Committee.

I've decided to start listing things I'm grateful least 5 a day.

1.  Being saved by God-how wonderful it is to know that I am a Princess of the most high King!
2.  My relationsip with Jesus-not where it should be but growing
3.  My husband-not always easy but I love him still
4.  My kids-ALL 4 of them (miss you Colton)
5.  My grandkids-we now have 8!


Cheryl said...

Hey girlie... Here is the link to those keychains I was telling you about. They are super cute and look super easy to make ---> The "ribbon" they used was "twill" tape. For the life of me, I couldn't remember that word. I've got a huge-HUGE spool of twill tape if your ever needing any.
See you tomorrow :-)

Cheryl said...

You are needing to send me your EMAIL ADDRESS!!! You have a "no-reply" return address!

I would love to--- but I've got plans with my daughter for Saturday. Are you going to go to the Clovis Antique faire on Sunday??? My husband and I are going, we could meet up there-- you could bring your hubby too... I wouldn't say anything snarky :-) Maybe hit up some place to eat around there afterwards??? or go to some fast food place-- I'm easy. Let me know.... and don't forget, send an email address!!!