Monday, April 14, 2008

We're in the house!

Hi! We made it...we're in the new house. Of course we're not all the way out of the old house yet but almost! Tim got the flu from Vanessa on the Saturday before the move and didn't feel better until last Friday (3 days into the move). Needless to say, hubby was a little put out by this....then he got the flu on Thursday and let's just say he understood son's illness a whole lot better I think! Hubby is still not feeling well but flew out today for work and won't be home until Thursday evening. Hopefully he'll get to go to bed early each night while he's gone and come home well again. I thought I might be coming down w/it this morning but the noodle Cup-o-soup seems to be working out well. Now back to the new house...the furniture is all there but our refrigerator is still in the garage...along w/a bunch of boxes and "stuff" we're sure we need but don't know where to put it all. The pool fence is still being worked on by my oldest son and father-in-law...thanks guys! Hubby had wonderful plans just more plans than time and then the bug didn't help! The dogs spent the 1st night in the new house last night and of course got into the neighbors yard this morning. Ruby (Chihuahua) was raising such a fuss I was sure she was either stuck someplace or hit by a car when I couldn't find her in the yard. They had dug a little hole and crawled through and then I guess they weren't smart enough to find it to get back.

Brianna has been a cutie during the move. She saw her mommy's wedding dress and told her daddy that her mommy was Cinderella (or as she says Cineryaya)! I told them that was 1 for her baby book. Brianna's world revolves around Cinderella right now and her mom did the girl's new room in Disney princess. She really outdid herself! I'll get a picture to post as soon as I can find the camera! Bri has almost always slept w/her mom and dad and they are trying to work on getting her into her own bed. Before the move they had her up to falling asleep someplace else and then putting her into her bed for the night. Since the move she's actually fallen asleep in her bed (watching Cinderella on her new tv of course). Yesterday I asked her if she'd slept in her bed like a big girl...and her answer was...ya pretty much (she got up around 7 and crawled into mom and dad's bed). She is such a hoot for a 2 yr old!

Mia is finally starting to feel better. She's such a happy baby...unless mommy puts her down at naptime. She's only 5 months old and had a terrible cold twice already so she's very used to being held while she sleeps to keep her from coughing and choking so now she wants the same treatment...and it pretty much has to be mommy. I think I'm glad I work outside the home for when she gets broken from that habit cuz I can't stand to hear her cry.

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