Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Almost Thursday

Hi, I know I haven't been on lately but I have a really really good excuse...we're buying a house! Life is getting crazier but the day around here. It's a beautiful home w/4 bedrooms, a lr and fr, 2 bathrooms, kitchen (of course) and are you ready for this???? A built in pool! We have to get it fenced in before we move in w/the kiddos though (yes they are moving w/us). All in all it's going to be perfect for us now and when the kids get on their feet as well. For now DH is going to put is office in the smallest bedroom and I'm going to use the "formal" living room as a sewing room. We'll have a couch and tv in it as well since that seems to be where me and DDIL gravitate in the evenings along w/DGD. We're supposed to close escrow on April 8th...really soon! We want to have a garage sale next weekend so I've got to get busy and sort through stuff. I don't know how we managed to collect so much in such a short amount of time but we did! DDIL is starting school that day too so we really have alot going on right now. I've got a bit of quilting done but all the pics are in Snapfish right now. I'll have to save some to my computer and post them next time...until then.....

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