Friday, September 25, 2009

New Additions

Well, we did it...sort of. Oh we got a kitten all right...just not the one I went to get. Bri went with me and fell in love with the little girl kitten and the kitten took a shine to Bri too so that's the one we got. Here's a pic of our new little cutie. Bri said her name is Princess. Isn't she adorable? I sure hope she gets along with the pups. I'm pretty sure Lucee will never like her. Lucee doesn't like much of anything.
Me and Sugarbear both have a headcold. We caught it from DS#2. Thanks! I'm just glad the girls haven't caught it yet. We're heading for Disneyland tonight. We'll go in tomorrow and then head back home on Sunday and go pick up Princess when we get home. Wish us fun!

1 comment:

Jan said...

Diannia, that kitty is absolutely adorable! Precious :)