Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Well it's cold outside! While it's not as cold as the midwest it IS cold for here!

I'm adding a few pictures taken in the past week or so. This is a picture taken at the movie theatre last week. It was Bri's 1st movie date w/Nana. Doesn't she have a beautiful profile...even if she is sticking out her tongue!

Here is a picture of the girls watching Baby Einstein last night. Mia prefers the "Santa" one. Maybe it's all the bright reds in it. Brianna loves to sit in Mia's bouncy chair so sissy had to sit in her boppy instead. Vanessa said that Mia especially loves it whenever Bri pays attention to her.

Here's the last picture I'm adding today. It's my very 1st quilting quilt project. I made these 2 quilts for the twins for their birthday. When they opened them they started laying on them immediately. I sure hope they continue to like and use them.

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